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What We Do

  • Full-service music PR campaigns for artists and organizations

  • Spotify playlisting (guaranteed results!)

  • One-on-one PR and promotional coaching for artists, students, managers and publicists in training

  • Creators of the DIY Music PR Bootcamp



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It’s all about learning the art of outreach and persistence without being overbearing - which is what gets you results. This training dramatically expanded our fanbase and raised awareness of our brand from both a local and national perspective.
Recording Artist Fia NyXX


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Prior to implementing a PR strategy, I might as well have been throwing CDs into a large dark room and hoping for the best. Navigating the music business as an independent artist is like walking through a maze. Now, imagine if you had a map to the maze.
Tay, Hot Apostles




PR is one of the most essential pieces of releasing new music, besides actually making the art. We put a lot of time into our brand and it only makes sense to put it on as many shelves as possible. Having a strong PR strategy creates a seamless experience for us and our fans - our music is getting out to people while we work on what’s next.
Quinn Cox, Decatur



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