DIY Music PR Success Story: Victoria Blade (And How You Can Get Featured by Your Favorite Music Blog)

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We’ve had many independent musicians go through the DIY Music PR Bootcamp and today we want to highlight one of our rockstar students, singer songwriter Victoria Blade. Through her recent DIY PR campaign, Victoria has been featured by three of her favorite music blogs, increased her fanbase AND saved a ton of money by not hiring a PR team. Not only that, we want to show YOU how to take Victoria’s success and apply it to your next new music release.

This is 100% attainable for you! Let’s take you through Victoria’s journey and how you can apply what she learned to your next release.

The step-by-step process Victoria followed:

  1. She established a campaign timeline

  2. She built her own personal media list

  3. She started reaching out to the media

1. The Timeline:

One thing we stress in the Bootcamp is always make sure you give yourself enough time for a PR campaign prior to your release date. We recommend at least 4-6 weeks.

It’s your job to find writers, bloggers and photographers who would be specifically interested in your music - and this takes time and research.

Victoria had a release date planned and after taking the DIY Music PR Bootcamp, she decided she needed to postpone her release date in order to increase her chances of getting results and making the most of her release.

2. Build Your Personal Media List:

This list will be useful for you for the entirety of your career - so make sure to spend quality time researching and building it! Think of it as a living document that you will continuously be updating throughout your career as an artist.

When you start creating this list always consider:

Why would this person be interested in me and my music?

Finding a way to connect with each writer will significantly help increase your chances of being covered by your favorite music blog.

3. Reach Out to Your Media Contacts

Victoria ended up postponing her release date which then gave her time to create her own personal list of journalists she wanted to write to, craft her email pitch and press release and then begin pitching the blogs she wanted to be featured by.

Victoria began reaching out by creating a personalized email pitch to each music blogger. The email was short, concise and only included exactly what the blogger needed to know (short intro, why they would case about her music, album title, release date and any relevant links and the call-to-action).

When writing your pitch, consider two questions:

  • Why would this person be interested in me and my music?

  • What can I do for them? How will this be mutually beneficial?

The press release (below the initial pitch) includes the bulk of the information and serves as your “announcement” to the media that you’re releasing a new album, EP, single, collaboration, going on tour, etc.

What happens next? Send away! Make sure to send individual emails to individual contacts and make an effort to connect with each of the bloggers you reach out to.

Victoria Blade - Left Bank Magazine - DIY Music PR

Thanks to Victoria’s great music, perfect timing and persistence, Left Bank Magazine premiered her debut album, “Lo-Fi Love Songs!”

Full Article:

Victoria didn’t stop there. She continued her outreach and two weeks later, ARTS ATL (she’s from Atlanta) followed suit:

Victoria Blade - ARTS ATL - DIY Music PR


Victoria tells us, “this placement was 100% DEFINITELY a result of the DIY Bootcamp tools I learned!”

Victoria Blade - Audio Femme - DIY Music PR

Soon after, she was approached by AudioFemme as they were interested in interviewing the artist.

Full Article:

PR is a marathon, not a sprint and your goal should be to create lasting relationships with the media. Because of the results Victoria got from this campaign, she now has three advocates who will most likely be interested in writing about her next release.

Imagine what this will begin to look like for you release after release - you’ll simply be making more and more friends! (Friends with massive audiences who have the power to increase your fanbase exponentially!)

If you’re interested in learning the tools, tricks and strategies Victoria used to get these results, check out the DIY Music PR Bootcamp.

We want to help you take your career to the next level!!

And remember, “you must be willing to do what others are not, if you want to succeed.” -Lewis Howes

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